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How do I request an extension in Self-Service (New Platform)?
Last Updated 4 months ago

In order to request an extension please do the following if your course is still open:

1. Log into Self-Service using your CalSouthern email and password:

2. Click on Student Finance

3. Click on Make a Payment

4. Click on Continue to Payment Center

5. Click on Make Payment as shown below.

6. Scroll down until you find Extension Fee - Learner Account

7. Using the + icon, change the order number from 0 to 1

8. Click Continue at the bottom of the page

9. Select a payment method and complete course extension payment.

10. Once the payment has been completed, please kindly notify the LSS team via the Help Desk, and we will verify your payment with the Accounting department. Please ensure to indicate the Course Number and Start Date in your help request submission for reference.


*Disability Services accommodation course extensions should be requested by contacting the Disability Services Department directly before the course end date: [email protected] 

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