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What is the last date I can add or drop a course?
Last Updated 6 months ago

You must be enrolled in a course prior to the applicable start date. Ideally, you will want to Register in Self-Service at least two to three weeks in advance to give you ample time to review your syllabus, order books using the ISBN numbers provided, and make any other necessary preparations.

You may drop any course (without academic or financial implications) by clicking the Drop button in the Self-Service platform before midnight PST on the 14th day after the course start date. Dropping a course between the 15th day and the 42nd day of a course term will be considered a course withdrawal; you will earn a grade of W and will incur tuition costs on a prorated basis depending on how long you have been enrolled in the course. Please contact accounting at (800) 477-2254, ext. 4246 for more information.

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